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to yourself, to others, to nature

space for living
the life you most want to live

“Kimberly McMahon is a gold mine of a coach: brilliant, caring, imaginative, and totally committed to her clients’ success. She carries a wealth of information and training in her agile mind, and she’ll use any and all of them to coax your dreams into the open, then make them come true. If you feel overwhelmed, muddled, or just plain stuck, Kimberly is the sensitive-but-motivating coach you thought only existed in the movies…”
~Martha Beck, PhD, Internationally Renowned Life Coach, New York Times bestselling author, The Oprah Show Life Coach , and O Magazine Monthly Columnist

“Kimberly’s rare combination of compassion and intelligence makes her one of the excellent life coaches practicing today. She has extensive education and training, but her gift as a coach comes from her genuine compassion for her clients. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone who needs help being led out of confusion and frustration into clarity and peace.”
~Brooke Castillo, Life Coach and Author of If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?: Tools to Get it Done